Rony Klayany

Who Am I?

I Am Rony Klayany, And My Mission Is To Help You PROCESS Your Performance To Reach Your Highest Potential In All Areas Of Your Life.

I am a savvy performance and executive coach, and a certified trainer for Service Quality Institute – USA, with over 17 years of experience in leadership management, performance enhancement, employee engagement, culture building, as well as customer service.

My plan for you…

My diverse and broad-based background has sharpened my skills at leading strategic and operational initiatives within start-up and well-established corporations.

I partner with my clients in creative processes to maximizing their personal and professional potential, address critical human performance challenges and enhance employee engagement.

the science of human performance coaching Rony klayany

Let’s make it possible!
Let’s leverage the science of human performance.

In my professional training and coaching career, I’ve successfully applied blended techniques and methodologies to inspire and motivate. I have come a long way, personally and professionally. I am proud to say I am living more as my highest potential in all areas of my life than I had ever imagined, and YOU CAN BE TOO.

Industry Experience

 Food and Beverage  Utilities Oil & Gas
 Hospitality  Training & Development  Education
 Industrial  Healthcare  Retail  PR & Marketing

Generic Skills

 Strategic Thinking  Organization Development
 Innovation  Team Building  Scenario Planning
 Conception & Implementation  Vision, Mission, Communication  Training Program Design
 Corporate Governance

Regional Experience

 Arabian Gulf & Middle East Region.

I invite you into the core of transformation and to hardwire the passion for positive change into everything you do.