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Why Choose Coach Rony

Rony has exceptional platform facilitation and course design skills. He has delivered many courses in different areas, including professional development, leadership development, performance management, customer service, and management training programs.

He has successfully applied blended instructional design techniques and methodologies to inspire and motivate in his professional training and coaching career.

He’s specialized in inviting people into the heart of transformation by creating a connection through their passion, purpose, and unlimited potential.



I worked with Rony as my coach over several months. His coaching insights and ability to ask challenging questions allowed me to enjoy long term personal and professional growth in more than one area. I greatly appreciated Rony's authenticity, sense of humour and non judgmental style.
Rob Street
International School Educator - Hong Kong
Rony has helped me work through challenges in my life via coaching. He has an amazing ability to pick up the nuances which includes what I didn’t say specifically and throws it back to me in a gentle way for me to reflect. This does highlight areas or things I either avoided or its hidden in my sub-conscious that I was not aware of. Through his questions to nudge me towards actions, I have managed to work on and clear action items. Thank you, Rony.
Suyin Ong
Senior Consultant/Trainer - Malaysia



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