What is the process for Performance Coaching?

Process as defined in the dictionary, is a natural phenomenon marked by gradual changes that lead toward a particular result such as the process of growth.

For me PROCESS is a unique code for each one of us, to explore our capabilities and unleash our potential throughout our transformation journey to success. It will help us improve our performance and reach our goals, by identifying where we stand, where we want to go, and what are the steps needed to get in Action and Achieve.

But, as all programmers know, code evolves over time as much as do their original authors. This why it’s crucial to involve our PROCESS in a number of check-ins or check-ups with a Performance Coach to assess progress and determine possible change in direction or subsequent actions in pursuit of the original plan.

And as your Performance Executive Coach, I will walk you through to decode your performance PROCESS in 7 steps:

  1.   P – Purpose: What is the purpose of our coaching session; drawing the big picture and the destination you want to reach.
  2.  R – Reality: Discovering the reality of your current skills, knowledge and attributes. Understanding and mining your strengths and competencies?
  3.  O – Outcomes: Setting the outcome you desire beyond current thinking.
  4.  C – Creative Alternatives: Brainstorming creative alternatives to achieve things differently and explore the options available to you.
  5.  E – Evaluation: Evaluating your alternatives and determining which ones, or one, you wish to pursue.
  6.  S – Setting the Action Plan: This is about determining what small action or actions you will now take to start your journey to your goals.
  7.  S – Success Stories will be recognized and celebrated.  By summarizing your accomplishments you will be able to see your opportunities to gain future success.

A Devoted Performance Executive Coach Will Help You

  • Improve your leadership skills and performance
  • Get clear on your goals
  • Achieve results more quickly
  • Build a strategic plan to ensure growth
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Build your team for maximum results
  • Increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Become a stronger leader
  • Enhance the interactions of your team
  • Increase confidence & leverage your existing strengths
  • Foster a greater commitment to accountability
  • Navigate political minefields
  • Reduce stress and improve work-life balance

Benefit From Our Coaching Programs

During our 45 minutes complementary session, together we will immediately look at any concerns and questions you may have about the coaching process.
I will also be going through a questionnaire of clarifying questions to help us discover your present executive performance concerns and build up your way forward.

We will work together to enhance your leadership development and take action towards achieving your goals so you can become more self-reliant.
I will help you improve your performance, enhance your leadership skills, strengthen your strategic planning methods and put you on the fast track.

I will help you and your team gain more job and life satisfaction in order to contribute and perform together more effectively.
We will work together to improve your team’s management and leadership skills; enhance creativity, empowerment and ownership unleashed in the business.