The Annual Performance Review – most managers and employees try to avoid

January 1, 2021
Category: Performance

Why your managers and employees do not look at the performance management as a positive opportunity for growth rather than an unavoidable, uncomfortable, ritual? 

Is it because they are avoiding confrontation? or is it because they are not giving much value to their feedback? 

Taking a fresh approach to how they think about feedback might make a real difference. Building a culture of open two-ways channels of communication, is essential to keep everyone aligned with the organization’s strategy, and constantly helps every member of your organization to guide their own professional development in ways that might play an important role in shaping their career path.

Today, in such a fast-changing workplace, where we are all required to adjust with a constantly shifting competitive environment, employees don’t just want real-time feedback. They need it to be effective and constructive, because your organization’s success depends on the success of ALL its members.

So how are you planning to design your feedback process? How are you going to make the difference between an engaged and energized workforce and one where both managers and workers dread and resent performance reviews?