Doing coaching with Rony was one of the best decisions I have taken in 2021 (a tough year for everyone I am sure). I faced numerous issues that year, but one stood out - I made a career and life transition. I quit my corporate job where I was working for the last 12 years and decided to start a business on my own while moving back from the Netherlands to my home country Bulgaria. Rony's coaching was essential to my transitions as it helped me to steer the process in the best possible way, while I was learning on the go (not after, which was a new thing for me). Rony's presence, calmness, and masterful questioning were the key to the numerous insights that helped me pave the path to my new career. His coaching style is calm, supportive, but at the same time, he knows how to poke you with the right questions that will keep you at your toes (in a good way). I have already recommended Rony to several of my colleagues and friends as I know perfectly well that Rony can help them go through the most challenging obstacles in life and in the business, while actually enjoying the ride
Konstantin Petrov
Psychotherapist & Career and Executive Coach - Bulgaria
I worked with Rony as my coach over several months. His coaching insights and ability to ask challenging questions allowed me to enjoy long term personal and professional growth in more than one area. I greatly appreciated Rony's authenticity, sense of humour and non judgmental style.
Rob Street
International School Educator - Hong Kong
Rony has a wonderfully calm and warm presence as a coach. Quickly, he built a sense of trust and safety and in our sessions he has given me the space to explore both professional and personal topics. In our time working together, I was able to dive deeply into how important and how passionate I am about my personal community projects and I built positive and realistic boundaries for myself to move forward. I have been able to manage my anxiety and paralysis by uncertainty to then work with my own clients confidently. He has been professional and generous with space and I recommend his services to others going through similar concerns in their professional journey.
Tracy Sharp
Design Thinking and Creativity Coach - Italy
Rony has helped me work through challenges in my life via coaching. He has an amazing ability to pick up the nuances which includes what I didn’t say specifically and throws it back to me in a gentle way for me to reflect. This does highlight areas or things I either avoided or its hidden in my sub-conscious that I was not aware of. Through his questions to nudge me towards actions, I have managed to work on and clear action items. Thank you, Rony.
Suyin Ong
Senior Consultant/Trainer - Malaysia
I have been fortunate to have Rony Klayany as my executive coach over the last 5 years of my career. Rony has been a great influence for my leadership development which has had such a positive impact on me and impacting the talent in our great organization. Rony is people focused and has consistently taught me there is nothing more powerful than passionate servant leadership driven with clarity and accountability.
Rony is genuinely invested in the success of his clients, and he’s maintained relationships well after the formal coaching engagements have concluded. I strongly value Rony’s partnership, and have the highest confidence in his ability to help our leaders develop.